Yelang Cave Scenic Area


Yelang Cave Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

The Yelang Cave Scenic Area, named after the legendary Yelang King who once lived here, is located in Zhining County, Anshun City. It is connected to the Huangguoshu Scenic and Shitouzhai Scenic areas, forming the world’s most concentrated karst cave group.

The first layer is navigable by boat for 890 meters, with winding paths and cliffs resembling a surging wave. The moment when the ridge is about to collapse but has not yet collapsed is frozen in time, creating an eternal dynamic effect.

The second layer is composed of five large halls. The first hall is adorned with rows of figurative stalagmites, resembling a procession of celestial beings or a welcoming ceremony. The most extraordinary part of the second hall is a group of glowing “lingzhi” speleothems, with short stems and broad leaves shining brightly under the light. The third hall is even more magnificent, with a palace-like structure atop a giant rock, supported by four dragon-like pillars of mottled speleothems. The fourth and fifth halls are filled with countless speleothems.

The third layer is vast and spacious, with an abundance of tree-like speleothems spreading their branches and leaves, creating a broad and colorful forest-like atmosphere under the lighting, giving visitors a feeling of being in another world.