The Huajiang Grand Canyon


The Huajiang Grand Canyon

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

The Huajiang Grand Canyon, located in Huajiang Town, has a planned area of 298 square kilometers, with a total length of 79 km and an average width of 3.8 km.

The central peak of the scenic area has an elevation of 1,850 meters, while the lowest point is at a height of 370 meters. The canyon is deeply cut, spanning a total area of 300 square kilometers.

 In the scenic area, you can see many steep peaks, a stone forest stretching like a maze, and a river rushing against cliffs. Stalactite caves, oddly-shaped stones along the Panjiang River, and various waterfalls, swallet streams, flower beaches, and spin ponds. The magnificent karst landforms along the canyon and the picturesque water scenery form a perfect landscape painting. As the museum of karst landscapes, Huajiang Grand Canyon is a unique grand canyon nicknamed the “earth crack” of China.

The Huajiang Suspension Bridge, originally built in the Ming Dynasty, has a width of 3 meters, a length of 72 meters, and a height of over 70 meters. It resembles a rainbow suspended between the cliffs on both sides of the Beipan River. With the sky above and the splashing waves below, it is truly a spectacle within the Huajiang Grand Canyon. It is one of the country’s few well-preserved ancient suspension bridges and enjoys national fame.