Yunfeng Tunbu


Yunfeng Tunbu

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News

Yunfeng Tunbu is also known as Yunfeng Bazhai Scenic Area. The area consists of a museum and eight villages, namely the Tunbu Culture Museum, Ben Zhai, Yunshan Tun, Lei Tun, Xiaoshan Zhai, Zhang Zhuang, Zhulin Zhai, Wu Tun, and Dongkou Zhai. Currently, they are considered living sites for studying the Tunbu Culture. The scenic area is located 18 kilometers south of Anshun and Yunshan Tun; Ben Zhai and Tunbu Culture Museum are the most-watched.

At the foot of Yunjiu Mountain, Yunshan Tun was an essential military outpost of the Ming Dynasty. The village was initially built in 1381, and a limpid stream twined through it. It is said that the town was impregnable in the past 600 years as it has stone walls, stone gates, stone guard towers, stone theatrical stage, stone houses, stone temple, stone street, and even stone daily utensils.

Ben Zhai was once a Ming general’s base camp over 600 years ago. It is embraced by green mountains and clear waters and hence is considered a valuable land with a good geomantic omen by the ancient local geomancers. Like Yunshan Tun, Ben Zhai also characterizes itself as a stone village. Seven high stone watchtowers scatter and oversee the whole town.