Tianlong Tunbu


Tianlong Tunbu

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

Tianlong Tunbu is about 20 minutes from Anshun City in Guizhou Province. It is an ancient and peculiar Han Chinese settlement existing in the southwest part of China.

Tianlong Tunbu is one of these ancient Tunbu settlements built during the reign of Emperor Hongwu by the descendants of the soldiers of the expeditionary troops of the Ming Dynasty. Here, women wear Ming dynasty costumes, and the houses, typically featuring Ming architectural styles, are frozen in time.

This shows Han’s early migration from Central China to this mountainous area. You can see a similar lifestyle to that of Central China. Moreover, you could enjoy a traditional Chinese local opera called ‘Dixi’ (also known as Nuo Opera) which is only found in Guizhou as your optional choice.

Historical records tell the story of the village. The imperial court of the Ming Dynasty had sent a garrison force to Anshun six hundred years ago. The garrison turned the neighborhood into farmland, grew crops, and built up villages for its needs. Tianlong Tunbu is the best among the well-kept settlements, where people have changed little in lifestyle.