The Baling River Bridge


The Baling River Bridge

by Live in Guizhou

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The Baling River Bridge starts from Guanling Flyover in the west and ends at the National Highway 320 in the east. It is an integral part of the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway. The bridge’s total length is 2,237 meters, its main span is 1,088 meters, and the bridge deck is as high as 370 meters from the water surface. It is the world’s first bridge built across a canyon in a mountainous area with a thousand-meter span.

In addition to its magnificent appearance on the outside, the wisdom of bridge construction lies on the inside of the Baling River Bridge. The tunnel anchor on the west side of the bridge is 74.34 meters long. It was the most extensive tunnel anchor in the world. The gravity anchor’s pouring concrete on the bridge’s east side reaches 81,662 cubic meters. It ranked first in China.

You can jump from the 370-meter-high world’s highest commercial bungee jump platform and play the game like a warrior. Here, you can explore the legends of bridge construction written on the land of Guizhou at the first bridge-themed science and technology museum in Guizhou. Here, you can sleep in the guesthouse built on the cliff and watch the red bridge blending in with the afterglow over the mountains. This mega project vividly illustrates trend and foresight, speed and passion, joy and peace.