Guizhou-made green “sunflower” empowers the World Cup Qatar 2022

Guizhou-made green “sunflower” empowers the World Cup Qatar 2022


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Qatar 800 MW PV Power Project of PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co.,Ltd.(Courtesy of PowerChina Group)

Located 80 kilometers west of Doha, Qatar’s capital, there is a solar power plant that is as large as 1400 football fields, with more than 2 million solar panels installed to convert Qatar’s scorching sun into a steady stream of green electricity for the 2022 World Cup, triggering a “green passion” among fans all over the world.

This PV power station will reduce about half of the carbon emissions generated by Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup. According to Mr. Li Jun, Production Manager of Qatar 800 MW PV power project of PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd. (from now on referred to as “Guizhou Engineering Company”), will generate 1.8 billion kWh of clean electricity every year, enough to cover the annual electricity consumption of about 300,000 households in the city.”

In August, the average temperature in Qatar is as high as 30-40℃, and the site is covered with yellow sand, which makes the ground reflectivity of light extremely high. In order to build the world’s largest solar power project, Guizhou Engineering Company has launched a “customized” service using double-sided modules whose double sides and double waves can collect and utilize the solar energy reflected from the ground, increasing solar energy generation by 10%-25%.

After observations, you can notice that the panels of the PV power station look like sunflowers circling the sun. “With automated tracking technology, this PV power station in Qatar adjusts the PV panels automatically according to the sun’s altitude and keeps the optimal angle with the solar rays all year round. It has the world’s largest PV power generation system with power tracking technology.” Mr. Li said.

During the PV power station construction, detailed migration plans were prepared for the native animals and plants such as shrubs, lizards, and snakes on site; engineers also made considerate efforts to find new residences for those locals, relieving the impact on the local ecological environment.

As Guizhou Engineering Company achieved such a great success in a foreign country, people start to get curious about how this company can make a breakthrough from an inland western province and become a green “sunflower” flourishing in the desert of Qatar. Mr. Li explained, “Guizhou has attached great importance to the development of green energy and emerging technologies in recent years and has given remarkable support to green, low-carbon, and new industrialization projects. We are experienced in such projects and have completed wind power, hydropower, and solar energy projects.”

“In serving ‘the Belt and Road’ and making Chinese footprints in Qatar’s commitment to hosting the ‘Carbon Balanced’ World Cup, Guizhou people are very proud of practicing green environmental protection.” Mr. Li said.

According to Mr. Li, Guizhou Engineering Company, in addition to the World Cup project in the Middle East, has boosted the energy and infrastructure construction of countries along the route in active response to the national “the Belt and Road” Initiative. “To date, we have contracted 18 foreign projects, including 9 for new energy (PV and wind power) with an installed capacity of 1,800 MW.”

Nowadays, more and more enterprises are going overseas from Guizhou. With the Belt and Road Initiative, Guizhou will also accelerate its internationalization. It encourages enterprises to expand business overseas, creating opportunities for Guizhou enterprises, such as Guizhou Engineering Company, to show Guizhou’s strength of scientific and technological innovations, and to introduce outstanding technological achievements to the world.