Tongren, a tourist resort with mountains and water


Tongren, a tourist resort with mountains and water

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

Zhongnanmen Historical and Cultural Tourist Area in Tongren

 With a history of more than 600 years, the Zhongnanmen Historical and Cultural Tourist Area in Tongren, Guizhou covers a total construction area of about 290,000 m2, including 164 buildings, of which 47 are newly built and 117 are preserved. Here, on the precondition of protecting the existing ancient architectural community in the Tongren Ancient Town, landscape and pattern of the ancient town have been fully restored, with an integration of history and reality, and an integration of culture and tourism, to create a tourism and living environment with a combination of ecology, science and technology, culture, intelligence and recreation. It is a showplace of the Chinese culture with unique characteristics, as well as a window for the people to recollect their hometown with a sense of nostalgia.

The Ancient Cinnabar Town

The Ancient Cinnabar Town in Tongren, Guizhou, is a recreational and nostalgic town featuring the Chinese civilization of upland industry based on a cinnabar mining site. Cinnabar was mined and smelted here as early as more than 3,000 years ago. By now, it has the longest mining history, and the most original and advanced mercury mining and smelting methods in the world. It also has an underground mining tunnel as long as more than 970 km, which is rarely seen in the world, and the largest volume of natural cinnabar in the world. Therefore, Wanshan is honored as the “Kingdom of Cinnabar”.

Xianren Street (Celestial Walk) Scenic Area

The Xianren Street (Celestial Walk) Scenic Area of Shiqian County in Guizhou Province is a locals’ pick for sightseeing and relaxation. The scenic area opened to the public in September 2019. It features a range of natural spectacles and man-made amenities such as the visitors center, natural stone walk paths, a sea of wildflowers, a glass bridge, the world’s longest cantilevered glass-bottomed skywalk, cliff swings, cliff zip-lines, rickety rope bridges, wave swingers, and pirate ship rides.

Celestial Cloud Stroll

The Xianren Street (Celestial Walk) Scenic Area of Shiqian County in Guizhou Province features the “” which holds the current title of the Guinness WorCelestial Cloud Strollld Records for the longest cantilevered glass-bottomed skywalk. The walkway is suspended atop a 550-meter cliff, carried by a 230-meter-long steel frame which supports a 91.8-meter-long overhang. You will be deeply shocked by the majestic scenery and quite excited by the slightly shocking walkway when walking on it.

The cliff swing of the Xianren Street

The cliff swing of the Xianren Street (Celestial Walk) of Shiqian County in Guizhou Province is located at the cliff’s edge, next to the glass sightseeing platform. The tallest of the three swings can reach 550 meters from its tallest point to the bottom of the valley where it overhangs. Enjoy the thrill of flying yourself out of the cliff, and take in the magnificent and breathtaking view.

Duxian Bridge in the Xianren Street

Duxian Bridge in the Xianren Street (Celestial Walk) of Shiqian County of Guizhou Province is a glass bridge that crosses the mountain valley. The bridge surface is made entirely of 9D tempered glass so that visitors can enjoy an unobstructed view of the valley bottom 600 meters below. The bridge surface is also equipped with advanced sensors and features audio-visual effects. In certain segments, the glass floor would display cracks upon sensing footsteps while playing the sound of glass shattering, keeping your hands tight on the rails and your eyes peeled.

 The Ancient Hot Spring in Shiqian County

 The Ancient Hot Spring in Shiqian County of Guizhou Province was built in 1606 and boasts a proud history of more than 400 years. Covering an area of more than 80,000 square meters, the hot spring has 138 indoor and outdoor pools, and its daily water output is more than 10,000 tonnes. The gush’s temperature remains at 45℃. Containing more than 20 kinds of trace elements beneficial to the human body, the natural spring water is untainted and may be imbibed directly in addition to filling your bath. In this context, it is hailed as “The Greatest of the Magic Hot Springs”.