The Mesmerizing Culture of the Miao People: Traditional Farming Preserved


The Mesmerizing Culture of the Miao People: Traditional Farming Preserved

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

The fantastically colored rice terraces can be seen at the edge of the village path. The ripe rice is bent over as if expressing gratefulness to the earth for giving it life. The rows of yellow rice on the hillside, river banks, and paddy fields are mixed with green grass on the ridge of the field, having the appearance of the golden brocade embroidered by a heavenly weaver.

Villagers cultivate grain and vegetables on the slopes deep in the mountains, preserving their ancient agricultural production methods of slash-and-burn, creating scenes resembling beautiful artwork. Young Miao couples can be seen working in the field together.

The wife cuts the rice, then the husband beats the bundles of rice against a wooden barrel, separating the rice from the husk. They talk while they work and their happy faces show that they enjoy being together.

After the harvest is done, the tied-up rice is neatly arranged for better handling. Self-sufficiency in living off the land is a way of life that Miao families have handed down to their descendants for generations, and today the Miao people still maintain their traditional way of life and work regardless of the gazing crowds of tourists who pass through their villages.

In the right moment, the rhythmic sound of rice being thrashed and birds singing seems like the most beautiful of sounds in the world. Extracting the rice beads from rice stocks is a grueling task.

After farmers strike the rice stocks against the square barrels, beads of rice fall into the barrel following separation from the plant. This is all completed by hand without the assistance of any machinery.

(Source:China Today)