The game of the brave: a guide to rafting in Guizhou


The game of the brave: a guide to rafting in Guizhou

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

Thrill is the essence of rafting. Rivers meandering among high and steep mountains in Guizhou are undoubtedly the perfect places for rafting. With perilous peaks, steep cliffs, caves, risky shoals, and rapids along the way, surrounded by diversified vegetation and towering ancient woods, rafting in different places has its own characteristics. Join us to have a look!

Yellow Fruit Tree

When it comes to rafting, Huangguoshu, or the Yellow Fruit Tree, in Anshun of Guizhou is a place that you cannot miss. The place for rafting is located in the downstream of the Huangguoshu Waterfall, with approx. 7 km in length in total. Here, the water moves swiftly, but also moderately in some parts. There are more than ten risky shoals connecting with each other, with the overall drop of more than 30 meters, and the highest drop of 4 meters. The whole journey of rafting is divided into three sections. The upper section is about the canyon scenery, and the middle section is full of rapids and risky shoals in the canyon, while the last section is about waterside scenery, giving you various experiences in the whole journey.

Wengmi River in Nangong Town

The rafting channel on the upper reach of the Wengmi River in Nangong Town, Taijiang County of Guizhou is about 5 km in length in total. There are shoals and rapids, surrounded by green mountains and original forests that are well-preserved, with a number of rare plants such as the Chinese yew, and various wild animals such as mandarin ducks and macaques. The primitive landscape impresses everyone who once visited here, and earns a reputation of “forest rafting”.

Shuiyin River in Tongzi

The rafting journey on the Shuiyin River in Tongzi County of Guizhou is about 5 km in distance. Rafting in the deep gorge covered in lush vegetation, you will not be exposed to the blazing sun on most of the journey. The rafting is moderate in difficulty, including not only thrilling rapids and risky shoals, but also relaxed and comfortable buffer areas. The whole gorge is surrounded by rich vegetation and long waterfalls, among which, the moss-covered calc-sinter waterfall groups are particularly spectacular.

Laobang River

The Laobang River Rafting Resort is an important component to the middle section of the southern route of tourism in Huaxi District, Guizhou, connecting with the Qingyan Ancient Town, Tongye Book House and the folk custom of the Buyi ethnic minority alongside the River. The rafting channel is full of twists and turns, with crystal-clear water, and fantastic stones in the water, in a beautiful, secluded and peaceful environment.

Gaoguo River in Zhenyuan

Among the numerous rafting resorts in Guizhou, the Gaoguo River in Zhenyuan County is a very thrilling one. It has a 5-km rafting channel, with a drop of about 200 meters, as well as a scenic area of 40 square kilometers, which is a large natural botanical garden. Not only rafting, but also Qingyun Mountains, Terraced Fields, the Taiping Temple ruins, the Double Dragon Spring, the First Pine in Eastern Guizhou, the Pearl Cliff and so on, all are what you can see alongside the Gaoguo River.

Shamu River Scenic Area

The Shamu River Scenic Area is located in the northwest of Shibing County, Guizhou Province. With crystal-clear water and exquisite canyon scenery, it is a time-honored brand of “slow rafting” in Guizhou. Rafting on the Shamu River, you are as if appreciating a landscape painting scroll. There are more than 20 scenic spots here, including the Tongtian (access to the sky) Gate, Shuang Shi Bing Li (double stones standing side by side) and Xi Niu Yin Shui (rhino drinking water). Rafting on the Shamu River is full of pleasure, thrilling but not dangerous. It is a hot spot of the eastern route of green and ecological tourism in Guizhou, as a natural bridge that interconnects man and nature in intimacy and harmony.

 Nanjiang Canyon

The Nanjiang Canyon Rafting is located in Nanjiang Town, Kaiyang of Guizhou. Here you can choose recreational rafting or adventurous rafting. The channel for the former one is 5 km in length in total, with relatively moderate water flow, thrilling but not risky. While the adventurous rafting is 8 km in length for the whole journey, full of thrill and excitement.

Shuichun River

The Shuichun River Scenic Area is 13 km in length in total, with 29 unique canyon scenic spots consisting of steep peaks, cliffs, caves, beaches, rapids, shoals and dense forests. It is a one of the tourist attractions along the Zhangjiang River in Libo, Guizhou. The winding and steep river channel makes you immersed in the passion and excitement of pitching down and rolling. Big splashed water blows directly towards your face, washing all your troubles and pressure away. In the deep and wide canyon and the natural forest oxygen bar, you can soak up the peaceful and relaxing environment, and get wrapped up in the beauty of the nature.

Maling River Canyon

The Maling River Canyon in Guizhou, is an ideal rafting destination full of twists and turns and with numerous shoals and rapid water flow. The rafting journey here is more than 50 km long, and tourists can drift downstream on rubber boats, successively passing through the Yingbin (Welcoming Guests) Gate, the Wild Horse Shoal, the Tiger Bank, the Rhino Ridge, the Flying Dragon Pass, the Happiness Pool and the Waterside Wharf. The whole rafting journey takes about eight hours , and is renowned as “the Greatest Rafting in the World”.