See the Difference in Guizhou


See the Difference in Guizhou

by Live in Guizhou


Today, there is probably no other Chinese province that better embodies the phrase “rapid development” than Guizhou. For the past decade, it is as if an economic fast-forward button was pressed, and the province has maintained the fastest growth rate in China, lifting itself out of poverty to prosperity.

If you visit Guizhou, prepare to be amazed by the thousands of bridges connecting lush hills, and million-meter-long tunnels spanning beneath sparkling waters. Currently, highway and expressway networks reached 7,607 kilometers within the province. The total length of high-speed railroad (HSR) lines stands at an astonishing 1,527 kilometers, with the provincial capital Guiyang becoming one of the 10 HSR hubs in China. What’s more, air travel has also broken 30 million visits per year! These achievements in infrastructure are made even more amazing if you contrast this shiny modern transportation hub with the old local saying of “you can’t find a flat surface larger than 3 chi (roughly 70 cm) anywhere in the province”…This is Guizhou!

forests cover 60% of the landscape. The province is well-suited for agribusiness — pepper production, processing, and sales are ranking the first in the country, as are the total areas of other commercial crops such as tea, blueberries, plums, and its regional specialty — prickly pears. The ocean of tea leaves across more than 1 million acres of small farmlands represents an industry of more than 400,000-ton production…This is also Guizhou!

At the same time, Guizhou has maintained its authentic, unique, and colorful culture. You can experience the hospitality of 17 local ethnic minority groups across 312 traditional villages, each with its distinct features. Guizhou is home to two UNESCO intangible heritage sites, five natural or cultural heritage sites, and 85 national intangible cultural heritage sites… All in Guizhou!