Impressive photos of Guizhou scenery


Impressive photos of Guizhou scenery

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

How beautiful is Guizhou? Look at these beautiful photos below, you can feel it.

A misty fog with the smoke of cooking fires–a picture of a sunset from the Lingfeng Temple Mountain in Bijie County

Photo: Li Mu ya

It is springtime, and the flowers are blooming on Mountain Lei

Credit: Miao Jiang Xing Zhe

Rongjiang’s community buildings, traditional architecture that blends in with the beautiful mountain backdrop

Artist: Fengting-Open Sesame

Fanjing Mountain·Rainbow of the Buddha

Credit: Nicola Studies Hard

Early springtime rapeseed bloom in Qiandongnan

Credit: migooo


Location: Qiandongnan County’s old town

Credit: MaureenSheep

Springtime Town

Location: Qiandongnan County’s old town

Hidden Gems: the terrace at Qiandongnan’s Jiabang township

Credit: AnnieCai_Cai Jinping

Bright Miao Community

Location: Xijiang’s Qianhu Miao Community

Credit: jorkchan-win

Location: Qiandong County.

Beautiful year-round.

Credit: half-collapsed photon

Libo’s seven-hole bridge park (Xiaoqikong), an emerald for those who visit.

Credit: Fishheat-YUTOU