Guiyang: Travel like a local

Guiyang: Walking Route Recommendation

If your stay in Guizhou is brief, I recommend you a special walking route in the city, starting from Jiaxiu Pavilion and ending at the North Catholic Church. In half a day, you may wander across the whole old town of Guiyang and get to know the city fast whilst exploring the historic sites of Ming and Qing dynasties and contemporary buildings. More importantly, it’s not a boring walking route, as there are countless varieties of street food waiting for you!


Guiyang: Travel Like a Local

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED August 13, 2021 • 6 MIN READ

People often ask me: When in Guiyang, how can one travel like a local? Regarding this question, I’d like to give five suggestions:

  1. Visit the local vegetable markets, such as the one in Qingyun Road.
  2. Go to the downtown and try a 5 km run along the Jiaxiu Pavilion section of Nanming River.
  3. Visit the local “White House” in Huaguoyuan Park, a landmark that goes viral on social media.
  4. Check the underground passages in Guiyang to appreciate the underground ecosystem here.
  5. Have 100 skewers of grilled meat in Wenchang Pavilion and send a post on social media—Feeling great!

Guanshanhu District

In Guizhou, the average temperature in summer is only 23 °C, which feels like a natural AC room. In Guizhou, besides Guiyang—the renowned capital of summer resorts in China – Liupanshui, Bijie, Anshun, Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture are all renowned as places to escape from the summer heat in China.
Welcome to Guizhou for summer recreation!

This is a new district in Guiyang City, the Guanshanhu District.In 2000, Guiyang officially inaugurated the urban expansion project. After nearly ten years of construction, the old Jinyang New Area has been transformed into the current Guanshanhu District with newly built skyscrapers and broad roads. There are government departments, fancy neighbourhoods, office buildings and museums dispersed throughout this new district. Everything here is new. The old town is connected with the new district by Line 1 of the metro, making the transit very convenient.

Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center

In the past a few years, Guanshanhu District of Guiyang City has experienced a rapid development, seeing many new landmark buildings rising. One of my favourites is the host venue for the Big Data Expo – Guiyang International Conference & Exhibition Center. It is for now the best equipped and most advanced multi-function conference & exhibition center in Guizhou, serving as an important window for foreign trade and economic activities of the city.

Guiyang Landmark: Jiaxiu Pavilion

When you come to visit Guiyang, the first attraction I would recommend is Jiaxiu Pavilion. It is a landmark in Guiyang and enjoys the title of “the most beautiful pavilion in central Guizhou”. Built in the 26th year during the reign of the Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty (1598), the pavilion has been a famous historic building in the southwest of China. Originally, the pavilion was built on the base of a giant stone in the river, and has undergone many restorations over the years. Nowadays, Jiaxiu Pavilion is an AAA state-level scenic spot and is also listed as a state-level key cultural relics conservation site.

The Night View of Guiyang: Little Hong Kong

As the capital city of Guizhou Province, Guiyang is relatively small both in scale and population. However, downtown Guiyang has a high population density. According to relevant records of 2014, the population density within the first ring of the city reached approximately 50,000 people per square kilometres, while the same year in Kwun Tong, which is the most densely populated district
in Hong Kong, that number was 57,000. Therefore, Guiyang is usually called “little Hong Kong”.

Wang Yangming: Enlightenment at Longchang

This is a thinker who developed close bonds with Guizhou. He is Wang Shouren (also known as Wang Yangming), a Chinese philosopher, strategist, literati and founder of the philosophy of the mind who lived during the Ming dynasty. He was called Master Yangming. In 1508, Wang Yangming was exiled to a locality named Longchang which is now under the jurisdiction of Xiuwen District in Guiyang City. It was there that he presented the theory of the Integration of Knowledge and Action, an episode later known as the Enlightenment at Longchang.

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