Green Wonderland——Guizhou Tea Garden


Green Wonderland——Guizhou Tea Garden

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

“Tea Ocean” 

Guizhou is home to the “Tea Ocean”, a seven-thousand-acre region in Meitan and the largest tea-planting region in the world. At the highest point in the middle of this ocean is a building called “The Outlook”, where you can see the “Tea Ocean” in its entirety–undulating waves, moving to the breeze.

Tea Villa on Mount Xiang in Meitan

This is a picture of the Tea Villa on Mount Xiang in Meitan. The villa is composed of hills covered with tea, evidenced to its rich history of tea planting. Here you can visit tea terraces and demonstration tea gardens. You can also experience the unique tea culture in Guizhou–there’s ancient calligraphy carved into stones, museums dedicated to tea history, and of course, country tea houses for drinking a fine brew. Please come to learn, experience, and relax.

Heart of the Ocean of Tea

This picture shows a destination in Yong’an County romantically named”Heart of the Ocean of Tea”. It covers around 70 square kilometers, with a forest coverage rate above 85%, and is famous for producing tea rich in selenium and zinc. Here, forests surround the tea plants, and tea plants melt into the forests. A soft breeze carries the fresh scent of tea leaves with that of the woods, giving those present a mixture of natural beauty and man-made wonder. Drinking in the heart of the ocean is one of the best experiences one can have.

The Luosike (Snail’s Shell) Tea Villa

The Luosike (Snail’s Shell) Tea Villa in Duyun is home to one of the Top 10 Tea varieties in China–The Duyun Maojian, a variety of tea that must be picked by hand to prevent premature bruising that will damage its quality. When harvest season arrives, the tea-gathering girls put on their traditional garb and bamboo baskets to pick tea from the heart of the villa, a true spectacle to behold. You can also try collecting tea here yourself, and experience garden-to-bakery-to-cup all in an afternoon’s time.

Cloud Mountain Tea Ocean 

The Yunshan Chahai (literally “Cloud Mountain Tea Ocean”) is what the locals call the highest point of the Baihua Mountain in Kaiyang County. High elevation, clean air, and an ecosystem rich in selenium have made it an ideal environment to produce tea. Tall mountains compete with the sky, while tea leaves cover the horizon. The freshly picked tea leaves here produce an amber-jade drink that “echoes” in your mouth a pure tone, beckoning you for another sip of this divine elixir.​

Long Tang’s Ten-Thousand-Mu Tai Tea Villa

Long Tang’s Ten-Thousand-Mu Tai Tea Villa is one of the most beautiful tea plantations in Guizhou. Twilight is one of the best times to visit, when the setting sun gilds the green leaves, gold upon jade. The villa is also next to hot springs, and a popular past-time is to sip fresh tea in the bath, and drink tea-chicken soup or eat “tea-chicken rice cake” after you’re done.

The tea plantation in Yang’ai County 

The tea plantation in Yang’ai County was built in 1952, covering 3000 acres of land, two thirds dedicated to tea and one to fruits. It is one of the most important tea exporters in Guizhou, mainly to Europe and the Americas. Cherry trees are also a common sight in the plantation, When the cherries blossom, the falling dance of the petals coupled with the vibrant green of the tea will certainly give you a view that comes straight out of a picture.