A heart beating journey! Exciting outdoor recreation of Guizhou


Exciting outdoor recreation of Guizhou

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

The Hou’er Sinkhole

The Hou’er Sinkhole, or the Monkey-Ear Sinkhole, in Kaiyang County of Guiyang City, is a representative karst geological wonder, and is so named because it is shaped like monkey ears. The scenic area is a combination of sinkhole, cliff, underground river and waterfall. What you experience here is not only the beautiful landscape, but also exciting outdoor recreation, such as cliff swing, cliff strolling, cave adventure, slackline over water, etc. If you like extreme sports, here is the place that you can’t miss!

Yi Mountain Flower Valley

Yi Mountain Flower Valley is a full-range tourist attraction in the Baili Azaleas (“A Hundred Miles of Azaleas”) Forest Park in Guizhou. Here are flower sea, plant maze, and the most exciting glass suspension bridge. Walking on the glass bridge, which is tens of meters in height, seems like being suspended in the air. Standing on the bridge, you can not only appreciate the Tongxin (“Hearts Linked”) Lake under your feet, but also overlook the flower sea in the distance.

Great Xingdong Tourist World

Located in Anshun, Guizhou Province, the Great Xingdong Tourist World is a ultra-large amusement park that integrates “recreation, entertainment, video games and health preservation”, with extensive and complete recreational facilities and resources. It has a thrilling 11-ring roller coaster, a more exciting hanging roller coaster, a vertical roller coaster and other facilities, which will absolutely make you scream out again and again, immerse yourself in the excitement of fast and furious experience, and take off all your pressure in the screams.

The highest bungee jumping in the world

The 370-meter high bungee jump platform located on the Baling River Bridge in Guizhou is the highest bungee jumping in the world, and obtained the Guinness World Record accreditation in 2019. Standing on the platform, you can have a panoramic view of the Guanling Mountain. Opening your arms and jumping through the mist in the mountain, you will enjoy the extreme pleasure of free fall. What a pleasant experience!

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is a sort of rock climbing. It is very popular because it has professional equipment and low technical requirements on climbers, so that the ordinary can also climb on the steep rocks. The first Via Ferrata climbing route in Guizhou Province is laid in the Red Fruit Tree Scenic Area in Zunyi City. Here, with the help of professional equipment, you can enjoy the excitement of shuttling between rocks and caves back and forth freely.


Canyoning is a sport of descending along the waterfall at the edge of a cliff. As the rocks are slippery and mossy due to long-term washing, and the downward water flow gives an impact on the descender, which affects the judgement of the descender, canyoning poses more changes and challenges compared with common rock descending. Baishui River Waterfall Cluster in Taijiang County of Guizhou Province is located in the Taijiang National Forest Park. Among them, the Baishui Cave Waterfall is the biggest one, with about 80 meters in height, and has become one of the most popular destinations of adventure for extreme sports enthusiasts.

The Zangke River Scenic Resort

The Zangke River Scenic Resort in Liupanshui, Guizhou is a place to experience the paragliding sport. Taking off from the Jiuceng Mountain to the bank of the Zangke River, you can enjoy the charm and pleasure of paragliding through this extraordinary flight. The unique landform of the Zangke River Scenic Resort has created favorable conditions for paragliding. More specifically, the high altitude of the takeoff area, proper vertical drop height, moderately wavy hillside, and broad and flat lake surface provide paragliding enthusiasts with a good view of the picturesque landscape while soaring in the blue sky.

Soft Adventure in Cave

“Soft Adventure in Cave”, offered by the Shuanghe Cave Scenic Spot in Guizhou Shierbeihou Scenic Area, makes it possible for the general public to experience adventure. It is a tour of immersive experience and exploration in the natural cave. In the dark cave, what is waiting for you ahead are all surprises. It must be a wonderful experience.