5A national forest park: The Rhododendron Garden


5A national forest park:The Rhododendron Garden

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

The Rhododendron Garden (Baili Dujuan) is a 5A national forest park situated in Bijie, Guizhou. It has a total area of 125.8 square kilometers. The blooming season for the park’s namesake flower, the rhododendron, is between March and May. Come and visit during the period, and you’ll see millions of rhododendrons of varying colors blanket the park, and understand why it is called “The World’s Largest Natural Garden”.

The Rhododendron Garden is home to 41 rhododendron species, including Delavayi, Anthosphaerum, Mucronulatum and Irroratum, from all 5 sub-genera. More significantly, it is recognized as the largest primitive rhododendron forest which holds the most species and keeps the very primitive appearance. All of the rhododendrons here are naturally grown!

The Rhododendron Garden is a sight to behold during the blooming season. Pearl white, magenta, rose red, scarlet… the blossoms will put up a clashing symphony for your eyes and a gentle harmony for your nose. What’s amazing is that some trees would even carry different colored flowers, with as many as seven different colors on plants.

 It is the best time to visit the Rhododendron Garden when the spring comes into full bloom. Come to take a stroll in the primitive forest, and you can spend all your time observing the flowers blooming luxuriantly. Be sure you visit the MOAR (Mother of all Rhododendrons), a thousand-year plant that has outlived dynasties and empires.