Baili Azalea Tourist Highway in Bijie City

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Baili Azalea Tourist Highway in Bijie City

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Known as the “world’s most beautiful ribbon,” the Baili Azalea Scenic Area in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, enjoys an average summer temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, making it a natural summer retreat. In 2014, the local transportation department upgraded and transformed the roads connecting the Baili Azalea Scenic Area, including the Jinpo to Pudi, Parking Lot to Ethnic Village, Pudi to Bainan, and Pudi to Grassland tourist roads.

In the construction of the scenic area roads, environmental protection was also a key consideration. The construction of the entire road was guided by the principle of “green development.” During the construction process, efforts were made to protect the original topography, natural vegetation, and animal habitats, avoiding extensive excavation. Buildings along the route were constructed in harmony with the local mountainous terrain, local customs, and natural landscapes. The project integrated ecology and culture, showcasing a road landscape that highlights mountains and waters, nature, and rural charm, allowing tourists to better appreciate the scenery along the route.

Today, with the increasing convenience of road transportation, what was once a “binding road” has become a “road to wealth,” revitalizing and energizing tourism. The people of the Baili Azalea Scenic Area, blessed with rich tourism resources, are using roads as a medium to fully develop their advantageous ecological tourism industry, striding towards the broad avenue of rural revitalization.